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Option View Source is not available in holdings record view



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      Overview: related with fail of TC C345404. see steps in testrail - https://foliotest.testrail.io/index.php?/cases/view/345404

      Current user permissions: 
      'Inventory: All permissions'
      'Inventory: Move items'
      'Inventory: Import single bibliographic records'
      'quickMARC: Create a new MARC holdings record'
      'Inventory: Move holdings'
      'quickMARC: View MARC holdings record'

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to Inventory app
      2. Locate an instance record; source does not matter.
      3. If a holdings record is attached to it then verify source = MARC
      4. If no holdings record with source = MARC exist THEN create a new holdings record via data import OR move a MARC holdings to this instance record. Verify source = MARC.
      5. On the Instance record > Go to Actions menu > Select Move holdings to another instance
      6. Move holdings record to an instance record with Source = MARC
        Expected result: View instance record that holdings record has been moved
      1. View the moved holdings record
      2. Verify that the correct instance's title displays on the pane header
      3. Go to holdings record's Action menu > Select View source

      Expected Results:

      Folio should get ability to view source

      Actual Results:

      View source option is disabled in Actions list, see screenshot in allure report https://jenkins-aws.indexdata.com/job/scratch_environment/job/run_cy_tests/150/allure/#suites/df45c82a0c5d2162277b451797e5b4f1/450ac65b4cf11dad/?attachment=a8c979682a4e089a


      Test can be played locally or through jenkins job. 

      There is link to test in spec.js file- https://github.com/folio-org/stripes-testing/blob/6c9950940f0bfaa10f4942bf863cdc75b52a1f87/cypress/integration/inventory/moving-items.spec.js#L108


      Discussed with psmagin: it's a bug, false should be supported

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