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Create element for link to source record in blob storage, part 1



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      Purpose: Create element in Inventory, Instance record for link to given source record in blob storage (link to source record = the original (rich) native metadata format which have been used to create the FOLIO Instance record).

      In the instance record the element Metadata source is implemented (in alpha). This element is auto-populated with source of the Generic bib storage record and its format, if applicable (e.g. "FOLIO", "MARC" or "EPKB").

      We need to create a new element to store the identifier for the record in the blob storage - e.g. `sourceRecordId`. This element will store e.g. the MARC blob ID. This will be populated by the system.

      1. Scenario:
        • Log in to FOLIO Snapshot stable, go to Inventory
        • Go to any given of the 11 test instance records (MODINVSTOR-143)
        • Click on the button 'View source record'
        • Then the user will get the original (rich) native metadata format stored in the Generic Bib Storage
      2. Scenario: Moved to UIIN-326
        • If the given instance record is converted from a MARC record (imported as part of the library's migration of data to FOLIO, imported using the MARC Batch loader, or created and maintained in the MARCcat app) it will in the Instance record, the Administrative data accordion show the data element 'Metadata source' labeled MARC
      3. Scenario: Moved to UIIN-326
        • When the given instance record in accordion named Administrative data has 'Metadata source' labeled MARC (or other source types as of post-V1) then this is system generated data, and not edible by the user.

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