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Create/edit bound-with item. Item record in edit view



    • Sif Sprint 158, Sif Sprint 159, Sif Sprint 160, Sif Sprint 161
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    • Orchid (R1 2023)
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      Overview: Bound-with and analytics accordion has been implemented in detailed view of the item record, and this story is about the view of the data in the edit mode of the item record.


      1. Story
        • Log into FOLIO Snapshot as user diku_admin
        • Go to inventory
        • Search for an item record which already have bound-with relations,
          • e.g. item record with item HRID: bwit0005
        • When viewing the record in Edit mode
        • Then drill down to the bottom of the record and an accordion similar to what we have in detailed view is displayed:
        • The accordion is labelled: Bound-with and analytics
      2. Story
        • When viewing the Accordion called Bound-with and analytics
        • Then following text is displayed: Bound-with and Analytics, and below the text
      3. Story
        • When viewing the accordion Bound-with and analytics, then below the text described in 2. Story
        • Then three column headers are displaying (similar to the detailed view screen):
          • Instance HRID
          • Instance title
          • Holdings HRID
      4. Story
        • When viewing the given item in edit view and the added bound-with connections to more holdings than the original one (here in the first iteration these bound-with connections will be added by either using the API for creation of bound-with, or a tool like Lehigh's solution)
        • Then this items
          • connection to the original holdings is displayed as simple text in a non editable form
          • all other connections in frozen text boxes, while this data can not be edited. The frozen textboxes can be compared with e.g. the Item HRID shown in edit view.
        • See UX
      5. Story
        • To the right of each of the frozen boxes there (but not the first one in plain text) is a trash icon which will be used when deleting-removing a bound-with relation (if this has been added by mistake) - see more in UIIN-XXX

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