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Create/edit bound-with item. Edit screen. Add bound-with and analytics with pop-up modal.



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      Overview: Editing a bound-with item starts from primary item record, and is done by simple editing, with a modal where the cataloger can enter 1 or up to 7 holdings HRIDs. There is not required any special permissions besides the general create and edit permission for holdings and item records.


      1. Story
        • Log into FOLIO Snapshot as user diku_admin
        • Go to inventory
        • Search for any item record which will be the starting point of a bound-with item association
          • e.g. item record HRID: bwit0005
        • When viewing the record in Edit mode
        • Then drill down to the bottom of the record and an accordion similar to what we have in detailed view is displayed:
        • The accordion is labelled: Bound-with and analytics
      2. Story
        • When viewing the Accordion called Bound-with and analytics
        • Then below the text: Bound-with and Analytics
        • A button with the text: Add bound-with and analytics is displayed
        • See UX
      3. Story
        • The button will behave with mouse-over coloring similar to other buttons used for adding data; e.g. Add electronic access
      4. Story
        • When clicking the button
        • Then a pop-up modal will display
      5. Story
        • When looking at the pop-up modal
        • Then following will display
          • Modal name in the top: Add bound-with and analytics
          • Grey top bar identifying the given item record the bound-with connection is added to. Display:
            • Item HRID: [here the Item HRID] space
            • Barcode: [here the Item barcode]
            • Text: Add bound-with and analytics
            • 7 boxes where relevant holdings HRIDs can be entered
            • A horisontal line
            • Two buttons to either
              • Cancel
              • Save & close (please notice it's a new UX consitency criteria that the save and close button is to display with ampersand instead of written text)
        • See UX:
      6. Story
        • When entering the modal
        • Then the first listed box for entering holdings HRID is activated, and the cursor is placed in the first box (this is illustrated in the UX mock-up with the thin blue line)
      7. Story
        • When entering the holdings HRID typical by doing copy-paste,
        • Then move to the next box by using tab (this has been implemented in quickMARC (see UIQM-255)
      8. Story
        • When click the button Cancel
        • Then the no changes will be saved
      9. Story
        • When click the button Save & close
        • Then the modal will close and the entered holdings HRID(s) will be populated on the edit view as frozen boxes displaying
          • Instance HRID
          • Instance title
          • Holdings HRID
            See UX:

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