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Inventory. ES. Implement search across all properties of all records



    • Prokopovych - Sprint 136
    • Prokopovych
    • Lotus R1 2022 Bug Fix


      Purpose: The original work was implemented with the work done on ticket UIIN-1645, but now when bugfest testers test in Bugfest Lotus these searches using the search option All, does not work. This can be reproduced in FOLIO Snapshot.


      • an additional search option that will cover search by all properties from all inventory record types (instance, holdings, item):
        • instance field values
        • holding-record field values
        • item field values
        • all field values

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to FOLIO Snapshot as user Diku_admin
      2. Select the instance segment (or holdings segment or item segment)
      3. Select search option 'All'
      4. Enter the value you want to search for, e.g. bibliographical (which is in a note in the instance A semantic web primer

      Expected result:
      I get all instance records which have the word: 'bibliographical' in any data element in instance, holdings, item, e.g. A semantic web primer

      Actual result:
      I get the message: No results found for "bibliographical ". Please check your spelling and filters.

      1. https://github.com/folio-org/mod-search#search-by-all-field-values
      2. functionality implemented MSEARCH-182 and get the results for all record types,

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