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Result list. Add publication year.



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      Overview: The current sort on Publisher can be be very slow in Bugfest environments (MODINVSTOR-544), and one change several libraries have asked for is to split up Publication data, and display Publisher and Publication Date in two different columns. The publication date should only be numeric data.

      As a librarian who is searching in Inventory.
      I want the search results to display the publication date (YYYY, or date range YYYY-YYYY) to help better distinct identical titles.


      1. Story

      • Login to FOLIO Snapshot as user Diku_admin
      • Go to Inventory 
      • Search for Instances, keyword (title, contributor, identifier), search on 'the'
      • Get a search result
      • View the list with several instances
      • Following columns are displayed
        • Title
        • Contributor
        • Publisher (only publisher, and not publication date)
        • Publication year NEW
          • the year only value is coming from the dateOfPublication (confirm that this is actually supposed to be the publicationPeriod property that was created to store the sortable publication year) property, MODINVSTOR-724
        • Relations
      • See UX mock up:

      2. Story

      • When viewing the new column Publication year
      • Then the year is aligned in the top

      3. Story

      • When viewing the column hearder
      • Then the column can sort the publication year
        • 1st click from current year to later = descending
        • 2nd click ascending

      Other comments:

      The purpose is to make sure we establish UX consistent with new work for browse serch - see: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Nd1Y-lrFg6dCHj2lPEidJLC1Ao4nUJUL

      The supporting job has been accomplished:
      MSEARCH-60 Sorting results - publication date (magdaz - checking why this was closed as 'Won't do')
      MODINVSTOR-723 Add sortable publication year field to the instance record
      MODINVSTOR-724 Populate publication year field based on dateOfPublication field

      Current look:


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