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After saving and updating a holdings record, the user is returned to the holdings instead of instance



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      Overview: After editing and saving a holdings record, the user goes back to the instance, and then to the holdings view, instead of directly to the holdings view. I'm not sure this is a big deal, but it's a little jarring since it's different from previous behavior

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Juniper Bugfest, Kiwi Bugfest, and folio-snapshot-load
      2. Go to the Inventory app
      3. Find an instance that has a holdings
      4. View the holdings and click Actions/Edit
      5. Make a change on the holdings record
      6. Save the holdings record
      7. Watch where the success toast appears, and what screens you are seeing after the save

      Expected Results:

      • Once the user presses save, they see a full-screen View of the holdings record, and a green success toast

      Actual Results:

      • On Juniper bugfest, the results are as expected
      • On Kiwi bugfest and folio-snapshot-load, the user is taken to the instance screen first and then to the full-screen view of the update holdings record

      Additional Information: See attached video

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