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Bugfest. Inventory. Search on 10-digit ISBN fails.



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      Overview: Bugfest testers found while testing the ISBN Search option in Bugfest Kiwi that search on 10-digit ISBN fails. This is a very common use case for rare materials, and have been discussed in the MM-SIG as a core requirement.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO Snapshot as user diku_admin
      2. Go to Inventory
      3. Select the Instance segment
      4. Select the search option ISBN from the drop down menu
      5. Enter a 10-digit ISBN number; e.g.
        1. 0857522310 (which are present in FOLIO Snapshot,
        2. or: 023020323X which is present in Bugfest Kiwi)

      Expected Results:
      I get:

      1. The girl on the train (in FOLIO Snapshot) or
      2. Harry Potter: The Story of a Global Business Phenomenon (in Bugfest Kiwi)

      Actual Results:
      I get: No results found for "0857522310". Please check your spelling and filters.
      Similar message (different ISBN) in Bugfest Kiwi.

      Additional Information: The implementation is described in MSEARCH-24 - and when reading the description then there might be something wrong happening when converting the 10-digit ISBN to 13-digit - but in any case, if the staff user has a 10 digit ISBN, and enter that 10-digit number in the search box, then the record having the 10-digit ISBN should be returned as the result.

      This works in Bugfest Juniper: Search ISBN 023020323X

      Interested parties: jacquie.samples@duke.edu Janecki LADANI5972 mpk35 magdaz

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