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Fix suppressed from discovery filter



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      Overview: A combined search on Holdings permanent location and holdings not Suppressed from discovery returns No result (which is not correct).

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into https://bugfest-kiwi.vercel.app/ as user folio (password: folio)
      2. Go to Inventory
      3. Select the Holdings segment
      4. Select location: UC/HP/ASR/ARCHASR and get 160 records found
      5. Narrow down the search by combining the filter Suppress from discovery = No

      Expected Results:
      Get all instances with holdings UC/HP/ASR/ARCHASR and holdings record Not Suppressed from discovery.

      Actual Results:
      I get the "No results found. Please check your filters." message.

      Additional Information:
      This issue has been verified in Bugfest Juniper, and in the development environment https://bugfest-kiwi.vercel.app/, but not in FOLIO Snapshot.
      This can be a data issue that the Suppressed from discovery = false has not been added to the data when migrating.

      URL: https://bugfest-kiwi.vercel.app/inventory?filters=holdingsPermanentLocation.c9379617-4061-439b-80bd-117abc9f9004%2CdiscoverySuppress.false&segment=holdings&sort=title

      Interested parties:
      christie mpk35

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