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Bugfest. Holdings with more than 5000 items does not display



    • Prokopovych - Sprint 131, Prokopovych - Sprint 132, Prokopovych - Sprint 133
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    • Prokopovych
    • Kiwi (R3 2021) Hot Fix #2
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    • Approved by Mike G., Jakub S. and Khalilah.
    • University of Chicago


      Overview: In Bugfest environment we have loaded uChicago's data set. In uChicagos inventory they have a holdings with 16316 items. If a holdings have more than 5000 items then all items are not displaying.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO Bugfest Kiwi
      2. Go to Inventory
      3. Search Holdings HRID ho126544 (=Instance resource title: Briefs and records of the U.S. Supreme Court.)

      Expected Results:
      All 16316 items are displayed under the holdings:

      Actual Results:
      The UI stops at 5000.

      Plan of attack:

      1. Change the ...limit=1 query to ...limit=0 to guarantee a correct record count as noted in the CQL docs. I'm relatively confident this step is necessary, but it may be worth checking the CQL docs to verify.
      2. Change the fetching of associated item records from a single fetch with limit=5000 to a series that fetches all N results, for any N, by retrieving results in pages until all records are retrieved.

      Additional Information:
      A query of the LDP returns all items.

      URL: https://bugfest-juniper.folio.ebsco.com/inventory/view/2e93db10-f5ce-4e64-8ae5-4a8ac489e5dd?query=Briefs%20and%20records%20of%20the%20U.S.%20Supreme%20Court.&sort=title

      Interested parties:

      Bugfix testing: https://foliotest.testrail.io/index.php?/cases/view/350640

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