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Bugfest. Tags filter has stopped working after Inventory swap to use ES



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    • R3 2021 Bug Fix
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      Overview: Tags can be assigned to Inventory Instances, Holdings, and Items, but the Tags filter has no data in it. This regression appears to have happened after the Inventory migration to Elasticsearch

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into folio-snapshot as diku_admin
      2. Click on Inventory
      3. Search for the title Semantic web primer
        • Add the tags red and urgent to the instance
        • Click on the Holdings record
        • Add the tags blue and urgent to the holdings
        • Click on one of the Item records
        • Add the tags green and important to the item
      4. Reset all in the search window
      5. Stay on the Instance tab, and click on the Tags filter
      6. Change to the Holdings tab, and click on the Tags filter
      7. Change to the Item, and click on the Tags filter

      Expected Results: Tags applied to each of the record types should appear in the appropriate Tags filter

      Actual Results: UI says No matching items found!

      Additional Information:

      1. Tags search was implemented in scope of MSEARCH-23 and tags facet was implemented in scope of MSEARCH-4 It seems that UI still points to the old endpoint:
      2. See attached video

      Interested parties: magdaz kgambrellcharlotte abreaux

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