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Optimistic locking. User A editing a holdings while the same holdings has been moved to another instance by user B



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      Overview: When User A is editing a holdings record and at the same time User B is moving this holdings record to another instance, then accordingly the optimistic locking should throw a warning message (UXPROD-1752).

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO Snapshot as User Diku_Admin on one laptop (User A)
      2. Log into the same FOLIO Snapshot as a different user with the same permissions as A, and permission to do move of holdings and item on another laptop (User B)
      3. User A go to Instance ABA journal, opens edit mode of the holdings records, clicks "Add statistical code" and selects "SERM (Serial management): ASER - Active serial"
      4. User A stays in the Edit screen (so hold on clicking the Save and Close button)
      5. User B is now working on the same Instance ABA journal,
      6. User B clicks on the Action menu to Move holdings/item to another instance
      7. User B when using the select instance modal, chooses "A semantic web primer"
      8. User B gets the dual screen, clicks the "Move to" drop down menu of the same holdings which user A is editing, and clicks "A semantic web primer" in the drop down menu to move it to the right side
      9. User B gets a "Confirm move" modal and clicks "Continue", and gets the confirmation message "1 holdings has been successfully been moved"
      10. User A hits the Save and close button
      11. Notice that user A's edit is being saved (no data loss)
      12. Notice that user B's move correctly happened

      Expected Results:
      User A gets a warning message that the holdings has been moved to another instance

      Actual Results:
      Nothing happens, no notification to User A that the holdings has been moved to another instance

      Additional Information:
      Optimistic Locking - Detecting and Resolving Conflicts Requirements
      URL: https://wiki.folio.org/display/PO/Optimistic+Locking+-++Detecting+and+Resolving+Conflicts+Requirements

      Interested parties: Jakub Skoczen Julian Ladisch Khalilah Gambrell

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