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Deletion of a Contributor Type requires a check to determine if it is in use



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      Purpose: Contributor type is a non required element. Only locally defined Contributor types are subject for deletion. When deleting a locally defined Contributor Type in the central list under Settings > Inventory > Instances > Contributor types, then a check is performed to determine how many records the term is assigned to. A warning message will pop up, with info on how many records will have the given Contributor type deleted.


      1. Scenario
        • Log in to FOLIO Snapshot Stable, go to Settings > Inventory > Instances > Contributor type
        • as a cataloger with permission to delete terms in the central defined list of Contributor Types in Inventory, I want to maintain my list, and delete a term in the Contributor types list
        • when drilling down to a given term with source 'local', which is to be deleted
        • I then click on the trash-can icon and
        • a warning message will display as a pop-up modal. The message says: "When deleting this locally defined Contributor type term, then the term will be deleted in the list, and the term will be deleted in [X] associated instance record(s)". The warning message has a button for: Cancel and Continue.
      2. Scenario
        • If I click on the 'Cancel' button, the delete action will be aborted, and the term in the central list, and the term in the associated records will not be deleted
      3. Scenario
        • If I click on the 'Continue' button, the delete action will be performed, and the term in the central list, and the term in all the associated records will be deleted

      UX guideline:
      For the warning message, the confirmation modal is to be used - http://ux.folio.org/docs/guidelines/ux-patterns/confirmation-modal/
      with text styling used for warning messages: http://ux.folio.org/docs/guidelines/style/typography/

      NOTE: This functionality is similar to the central management of Tags (UXPROD-257), when editing and/or deleting a tag. If a tag is changed, change on all associated records. If a tag is deleted, throw a warning before deletion, and then delete from all associated records.

      Maybe out of scope for this story: Do we have different wording of the warning message, if delete does only affect one associated record - e.g. so record, records or record(s)?

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