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Inventory: Can not link multiple child instances to the same parent when duplicating a record



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      Tested on https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org/ on 2021-08-02

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Inventory and create a new instance record
      2. Enter minimal metadata: Resource title: "Volume 1980", Resource type: "text"
      3. Scroll down to the Instance relationship accordion
      4. Click "Add parent instance", click the plus icon, search for "aba" and click on the result in the list
      5. Select "monographic series" as type of relation
      6. Click "Save and close".  The instance record is saved and the relation is established.
      7. Select "Duplicate instance record" from the action menü
      8. Enter minimal metadata: Resource title: "Volume 1981", Resource type: "text"
      9. Scroll down to the accordion "Instance relationship". From the UI one can tell that a parent instance is connected, but the bib metadata is not fetched / not displayed.
      10. Click "Save and close"

      Expected Results:

      Not yet clear and to be discussed with charlotte. I see more than one solution:

      Variant 1 : During duplication of an instance record all instance relationships are duplicated as well. In this case the metadata of the related instances should be displayed during the duplication process and not just after the record is saved.

      Variant 2: During duplication of an instance record that has related instances the duplicated record does not inherit the instance relationships.

      Actual Results:

      During the duplication process the related instances metadata is not displayed to the user, see screenshot:

      After the record is saved the user can see that the relationship has been established:

      Additional Information:

      Interested parties:

      mpk35 , charlotte

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