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quickMARC Latency: Unable to view source, edit or derive MARC bib without a page refresh or new search



    • eHoldings Sprint 116, eHoldings Sprint 117
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    • Spitfire
    • R1 2021 Hot FIx #2
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      1. Go to Iris bugfest environment
      2. User has permissions - edit and derive a quickMARC record assigned
      3. Go to Inventory app
      4. Create a new instance record. Source = FOLIO
      5. Click Action menu on the newly created instance record > Select Overlay
      6. Choose on the overlay dropdown, OCLC
      7. Add the OCLC number: 1194414495
      8. Import record
      9. Record should be updated so that
        1. Source = MARC and title is now The complete America's Test Kitchen TV show cookbook, 2001-2021
      10. Click Action menu dropdown on record

      Actual outcome: Notice that View Source, Derive a new MARC bib record, and Edit a quickMARC actions are disabled. Only way to see these actions enabled is to refresh page or search the record

      Expected outcome: View Source, Derive a new MARC bib record, and Edit a quickMARC actions under the detail record dropdown are active WITHOUT refreshing page or searching the record


      • A screenrecording is attached. Thanks to Ann-Marie
      • Although this issue is happening on Iris bugfest environment, we need to test on snapshot or another environment to determine if we have already corrected this issue and thus need to include the fix in Iris Hotfix #2 OR if this is resolved with the change to Kafka then we should confirm.
      • This issue seems very similar to the issues we had with Edit/Derive quickMARC latency for the Iris release.
      • This issue was reported by Cornell Univ who just had Iris hotfix #1 deployed to its environment.
      • To setup overlay on a local machine or ranched environment see the following configuration

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