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Display Effective Location to Inventory Holdings Record (detailed view)



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      Purpose: To display the holdings effective location to the end user. The holdings effective location logic is similar to what has been implemented for item effective location, only this is only relevant when there is no associated item record; typical a electronic resource. See the scenario ( and 10 on the wiki page explaining the effective location run down algorithm https://wiki.folio.org/display/RA/Effective+Location+Logic

      User story:
      As a library administrator,
      I want to see the Effective location for a holdings on the holdings record, for materials with no item records associated,
      So I know what location is being used elsewhere in folio without having to calculate the business logic in my head


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, as user Diku_admin
        • Go to Inventory, any instance record with holdings associated, with no item
        • Given the accordion "Locations" section of the detailed view of a holdings record
        • When displayed
        • Then a new, read-only, "Effective location for holdings" should display as shown in the attached UX mockup
      2. Scenario
        • Given the Effective location for holdings field on the holdings record
        • When displayed
        • Then the property value "EffectiveLocationId" should be displayed in the top of the holdings record - similar to how Effective item location is displayed in the top of the item record - see the attached UX mockup

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