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Settings page. Inventory > Item > Material types (refined with category)



    • Prokopovych


      Purpose: In Inventory we use the Material Type data, which is a structured list of elements organized in categories. The Material type data is defined in the Item record.

      The Material Types are not going to be built off a standardized vocabulary, instead each institution would be able to customize and add to the material types list.

      FOLIO will come with a default list defined by a uoint RA and MM-SIG working group. The working group has gathered following list based on input from misc. libraries - this list will be implemented, but for each tenant to adjust for local use and practice.

      See Condensed list in following spread sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1scRQl09jroOy-c_emITk3EQ6lkj7XPRlkupPNuL-FfM/edit#gid=1928495227.

      As a cataloger and circulation staff, I want to review and manage the list of Material types in the Item record.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO snapshot stable, and go to Settings
        • When selecting Inventory > in the menu Items is displayed in the 2nd pane
        • When selecting > Material types
        • Then the Material Type setting page open (displayed in 3rd pane)
        • When the Material Type setting page is open,
        • Then the top bar in 4th pane display: Items > Material types
      2. Scenario
        • The Material Type has following elements
          • Names. The content in this list are listed alphabetically
          • Category - see UIIN-658
          • Source - which is 'folio' or 'local'
          • Last updated: Data from the Metadata component
      3. Scenario
      4. Scenario
        • The list of Material types has following predefined values:
          Material types Material type categories Source
          3D printer equipment folio
          3D scanner equipment folio
          adaptors equipment folio
          audio book audio folio
          audio cassette accompanying folio
          audio cassette audio folio
          audio cassette player/recorder equipment folio
          audio CD accompanying folio
          audio disc accompanying folio
          audio disc audio folio
          AV equipment folio
          blue-ray video folio
          book accompanying folio
          book (electronic) book folio
          book (print) book folio
          calculator equipment folio
          camera equipment folio
          CD audio folio
          CD-info data folio
          CD-Rom accompanying folio
          CD-Rom data folio
          charger equipment folio
          chart misc folio
          computer disk data folio
          computer file data folio
          computer hard drive data folio
          computer tape drive data folio
          database data folio
          digital camcorder equipment folio
          digital camera equipment folio
          digital linear tape misc folio
          digital video camera equipment folio
          digital video cassette video folio
          digital video kit equipment folio
          digital voice recorder equipment folio
          diskette data folio
          dissertation/thesis (electronic) book folio
          dissertation/thesis (print) book folio
          DVD video folio
          DVD video accompanying folio
          DVD-Rom accompanying folio
          DVD-Rom video folio
          DVD, conversion from VHS video folio
          E-standard misc folio
          Ebook reader equipment folio
          equipment equipment folio
          film video folio
          film - 16 mm video folio
          film reel video folio
          filmstrip video folio
          flash drive equipment folio
          folio book folio
          gadgets equipment folio
          game misc folio
          government document (electronic) GovDoc folio
          government document (print) GovDoc folio
          hard drive video kit equipment folio
          headphones equipment folio
          headset w/mic equipment folio
          index misc folio
          internet resource data folio
          iPad equipment folio
          iPod equipment folio
          journal (electronic) serial folio
          journal (print) serial folio
          journal article serial folio
          journal issue serial folio
          key equipment folio
          kit equipment folio
          laptop equipment folio
          laser disc video folio
          locker/carrel equipment folio
          LP - 33 1/3 audio folio
          LP - 45 RPM audio folio
          LP - 78 RPM audio folio
          LP recording audio folio
          manufacturer sample misc folio
          manuscript book folio
          map image folio
          marker equipment folio
          microcard microform folio
          microfiche microform folio
          microfiche accompanying folio
          microfilm microform folio
          microform microform folio
          microopaque microform folio
          microphone microform folio
          microprint microform folio
          mics. material accompanying folio
          mixed misc. folio
          monographic series serial folio
          MP3 audio folio
          music score book folio
          newspaper serial folio
          pamphlet book folio
          password misc. folio
          periodical serial folio
          periodical - bound serial folio
          periodical issue serial folio
          peripheral equipment folio
          photocopy misc. folio
          picture image folio
          portable micro equipment equipment folio
          postcard image folio
          poster image folio
          projector equipment folio
          realia realia folio
          reel-to-reel tape audio folio
          serial (electronic) serial folio
          serial (print) serial folio
          slide video folio
          slide trays equipment folio
          slides accompanying folio
          software data folio
          sound recording audio folio
          statistical data set data folio
          streaming audio audio folio
          streaming media data folio
          streaming video video folio
          tablet equipment folio
          transparency image folio
          tripod equipment folio
          USB equipment folio
          video camera equipment folio
          video cart equipment folio
          video cassette video folio
          video cassette accompanying folio
          video CD video folio
          video disc video folio
          video player equipment folio
          video recorder equipment folio
          videoguide accompanying folio
          visual materials image folio
          watt meter equipment folio
          web camera equipment folio
          web conferencing kit equipment folio
          web site data folio
      5. Scenario
        • The Material type source can be set as a locally used term
          • When he Material types sequence is defined locally by the tenant (using the 'New' button)
          • Then Source is set to be 'local'
      6. Scenario
        • When click on the 'pen' it's possible to edit the
          • Name
          • Category
          • Source
        • Then the actions buttons now displayed are 'Save' and 'Cancel'
      7. Scenario
        • When edit of a Material type is done
        • Click on 'Save'
      8. Scenario
        • When click on the trash icon it's possible to delete the row:
          • Name
          • Category
          • Source
          • Last updated
      9. Scenario
        • When adding a new Material type name to the list of , click on the 'New' icon
        • A new line in the top of the list will be added, which consist of
        • A text input box for Name
        • A text select box for Category
        • Source set by the system to be 'local'
      10. Scenario
        • When start entering the new local Material type nam,
        • then the actions buttons now displayed are 'Save' and 'Cancel'
      11. Scenario
        • When editing an existing Material type value is done, and the edits being saved, by click on the 'Save' button
        • Then the last updated: Data from the Metadata component to be updated
      12. Scenario
        • When navigation away when in the middle of edit of the value
        • Then the standard modal will show, warning about: There are unsaved changes etc. like in all exiting Settings pages.
      13. Scenario
        • When click on the trash icon
        • Then it's possible to delete the Material type
      14. Scenario
        • Before deletion
        • Then the standard modal with warning will pop up


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