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Instance. Flag is set for Mark for deletion (edit/detailed view)



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      Purpose: Mark for deletion means that a cataloger, who holds the permission to do Mark instance for deletion, but do not hold the permission to do a deletion, is able to do 'Mark instance for deletion' of any given instance record by setting a boolean check mark in the instance record. Mark instance for deletion is done in the edit view of the instance.

      When the instance has been marked for deletion (UIIN-333), then a cataloger colleague with super power and with permission to perform deletion, will go in and filter on all instances being marked for deletion (UIIN-1094), and then delete them one-by-one (and later in bulk edit).

      Scope of this ticket is: Mark instance for deletion from the edit view of the instance.

      Use case: As a cataloger I want to be able to mark any given instance record for deletion.


      1. Scenario
        • Go to FOLIO snapshot as user Diku_Admin,
        • Go to Inventory
        • Given any instance record
        • When displayed in edit view
        • Then there in the Administrative accordion is a check box, where the instance can be marked for deletion
        • See UX
      2. Scenario
        • The checkbox has the same inter-action as implemented when marking e.g. Suppress from discovery, and Staff suppress (= mouse over, activation, and selection)

      3. Scenario
        • When the checkmark is set for Marked for deletion,
        • Then automatically there will be set also checkmarks in both
          • Suppress from discovery
          • Staff suppress
        • See UX
      4. Scenario
        • When the instance is already marked as Suppressed from discovery and Staff suppressed,
        • then adding the checkmark Mark for deletion, do not cause any changes to the two check marks set in Suppress from discovery and Staff suppress
      5. Scenario
        • When clicking the Save and close button the edited instance is saved
        • Then the user is returned to the detailed view of the instance
        • A new warning message will display in the top of the record,
        • with the warning icon as an exclamation mark and the text: Warning: Instance is marked for DELETION
        • Use capitalization of the word DELETION.
        • See UX
      6. Scenario
        • When viewing the detailed record
        • Then similar as for Suppressed from discovery and Staff suppressed which are displayed in the instance record
        • Then an exclamation mark icon and the text: Marked for deletion will display below the metadata component data, and next to: Staff suppressed (or Previously held, if that has been marked too)

      Out of scope:
      Check for dependencies related with other apps, e.g. Orders, Receiving app and more. Will create separate jira issues for this when getting to deletion of instances.


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