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Retrieve and display select Piece information on Holding



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      Purpose: In the receiving users may receive pieces for which there is NO item record. In order to make patrons and circulation staff aware of these materials the information must be available on holding records

      User story statement(s):

      As a librarian working with materials for circulation,
      I want to be able to see what we have received in the inventory app
      so that it is clear what has been received AND where it currently is even when we don't use specific item records to track it.


      1. Scenario:
        • Given I have opened a holding record
        • When the holding relates to pieces that are received and have "Display on holding" = true
        • Then I can see the details of those pieces under the receiving accordion
      2. Scenario: 
        • Given I have received pieces that have "Display on holding" = true
        • When viewing the "Receiving history" accordion
        • Then I see the following details for each piece
          • Enumeration
          • Chronology
          • Receipt date
          • Comments

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