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Instance. Add new data element Administrative note (detailed view, edit mode)



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      Purpose:  Adding a new data element to the Instance record, labelled Administrative note. The data element is to be implemented as a repeatable, not required data element. In the UI the data element will be implemented as a text area data element. 

      Use case:

      As a cataloger, I want to record, in my instance record, the date, my userid, and the type of cataloging performed (e.g., original, original + pcc, copy, complex copy, etc.). This information should be available to reporting tools as well as eye-readable. I want to do this directly in the Inventory app, not in quickMARC as my record may or may not have an underlying source.


      1. Story
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot as user diku_admin,
        • Go to the Inventory app, any Instance record in detailed view mode
        • When drilling down to the Administrative data accordion
        • Then displayed after the Statistical code type and Statistical code data, here the new data element Administrative note is displayed.
      2. Story
        • When in detailed view, and the data element Administrative note is repeated
        • Then the notes are listed below each other
      3. Story
        • When in edit mode of the instance record
        • Then a button is displayed below the 'Add statistical code' button:
          • new button will look similar and have same behavior as the 'Add statistical code' button
          • the button is labelled Add administrative note
      4. Story
        • When clicking the button Add administrative note
        • Then
          • an editable text area data element is displayed
          • the text area data element can be repeated
          • the text area data element can be deleted
            See UX mock up:

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