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Permissions for Inventory. Inventory landing page does not display if the user do not have permission: Tags on records: View only



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      Overview: When testing several of the Item state Jira tickets, then newly added permissions has been added, but if the test user does not have all Inventory permissions enabled,the the landing page does not display, but only a 'white screen'

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO Snapshot as user diku_admin
      2. Go to user and create a new user (Y) with the user permissions:
      3. Inventory: Mark items long missing, and
      4. Inventory: View instances, holdings, and items
      5. Inventory: View, create, edit items
      6. Then log out and log in again as this new user (Y)

      Expected Results: In the top bar user (Y) can see only the Inventory app, and I can search, and view instance, holdings, item in Inventory, and I can mark any item as long missing.

      Actual Results: I get the top bar with Inventory app, but the screen is all white. 

      If I then add the permission: Tags on records: View only. Then my search in Inventory is  back to normal. That is clearly a Bug introduced when adding Tags to Inventory (CC: abreaux)



      Additional Information: Found when testing e.g. UIIN-756, and UIIN-894
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