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Filter holdings records by ILL policy



    • Prokopovych


      Purpose: ILL policy is an element in the holdings record.

      The filter for ILL policy is one of the collapsed filters in the Filter & Search pane in the Holdings segment. The implementation here is quite similar to what has been implemented in Inventory already, e.g. Material type in the Item segment.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to Inventory
        • When the Holdings segment is selected
        • Then filter for ILL policy is listed in the order according to UIIN-760 (after: Holdings types and before: Digitization policy). The ILL policy filter is displayed collapsed by default.
      2. Scenario
        • When click on the little caret the filter will be unfold
        • Then ILL policy filter displays a search box
      3. Scenario
        • Reference values for ILL policy are defined in Settings > Inventory > Holdings > ILL policy
      4. Scenario
        • When start enter search term for a ILL policy by having the cursor in the search box
        • Then a drop down menu with the first six values from the drop down menu in the edit view is displayed:
      5. Scenario
        • The search is performed as type ahead. So when start enter, e.g.:
        • "lend" following options are displayed:
      6. Scenario
        • When selecting "Will lend" in the drop down menu
        • Then the search result is narrowed down to only return holdings record with the ILL policy defined as Will lend.

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