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Item detail list. Implement a pop up modal to allow a user to define the preferred display per user session



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      At MM-SIG a user defined view was discussed 1/21/2021 - and the feed back and conclusion was that the MM-SIG want to achieve the goal of having the long term solution implemented, and will not prioritize implementation of a user session defined display of the item detail list.
      The priority is lowered accordingly with this feedback.

      Slide deck with some mock-ups for the user session defined display:

      • - - - -

      Overview: Implement in the option to set a user defined display of the columns in the item detail list in the top of the instance record. The newly developed functionality Results List Column Chooser might be reuseable here. the Result List Column Chooser works for the user to define which columns to display in a given app, here Inventory, per session. The item detail list is using the MCL component.

      As a staff user I want to optimize my display of the item detailed list in the top of the instance record by reordering the columns to best fit my search, or my current workflow.


      1. Story
        • Log into FOLIO Snapshot as diku_admin
        • Go to Inventory
        • When click on the Action button to the most right in the top menu bar.
        • Then following new actions displays at the bottom of the list of the action menu
        • More (heading)
          • Set up item detail list
      2. Story
        • When click on Set up item detail list
        • Then the user get a pop up modal showing the FOLIO default view of the item detailed list
        • At the bottom of the modal there are two buttons
          • Cancel
          • Save
      3. Story
        • The modal give the user two options
          • Reorder columns
          • Suppress columns
        • looks like following UX
      4. Story
        • When viewing the modal
        • Then as default all columns are marked with check mark for displaying the columns
      5. Story
        • When unchecking a check mark
        • Then the given column is unselected
        • and will be hidden from the display in the item detail list
      6. Story
        • When using drag and drop,
        • Then the user can reorder the columns in the modal.
      7. Story
        • When done editing the modal, then the user can hit the
        • Cancel button, and the changes are not saved. The user will return to the page viewed before the modal was shown
      8. Story
        • When done editing, then the user can hit the
        • Save button, and the changes are saved. These changes will then be reflected in the item list for the current session for that given user. The user will return to the page viewed before the modal was shown.
      • - - - - - -

      Notes from Slack (1/12/2021):
      Khalilah Gambrell
      @charlotte, we have a spike in progress to support deploying this capability across all apps. Due to vacations and holidays, the spike is taking awhile. The capability will be per user session. I am hopeful it will be a part of Iris. Note the capability is already available for any app to implement, all we are doing is exploring a way to deploy across all apps rather than ask each app to implement.

      Charlotte Whitt
      @kg - Does the component also support the possibility to update the columns in the item list in the top of the instance record? I thought this was not possible. But that might have been fixed too?

      Khalilah Gambrell
      I believe the Item list may be covered with the spike. I suggest asking @zburke or @mkuklis their thoughts.

      Slide deck with libraries wishes for displays different than the current FOLIO defined display: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1UeEi-UqVaH7cdZYQv0NOzYyCYIOJ2dvFI7vzlaJyZoc/edit#slide=id.p

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