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Instance. Wrap text in data elements



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      Purpose: To maximize readability of the instance record in edit mode, then ensure long text strings wrap within each field. Change the simple data field to be a text area, as is implemented in the Orders app.

      As a cataloger:
      I want to see all of the text in a field at once.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org/, as diku_admin
        • Go to the Inventory app, and open any given instance, with Instance source FOLIO, and view the record in Edit mode
        • When a field contains more text than can be seen in one line
        • Then the text is wrapped within the field so it can be read without scrolling or moving the cursor to the right
      2. Scenario
        • The text box will stay as a one line box but all data elements marked up with orange boxes in the following screen dumps on the instance record, are all to be be replaced by text areas data elements:

      • - - - - - -

      Example: https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org/inventory/edit/5bf370e0-8cca-4d9c-82e4-5170ab2a0a39/instance?query=semantic&sort=title - see the General note: "The development of the Semantic Web, with machine-readable content, has the potential to revolutionize the World Wide Web and its uses. A Semantic Web Primer provides an introduction and guide to this continuously evolving field, describing its key ideas, languages, and technologies. Suitable for use as a textbook or for independent study by professionals, it concentrates on undergraduate-level fundamental concepts and techniques that will enable readers to proceed with building applications on their own and includes exercises, project descriptions, and annotated references to relevant online materials. The third edition of this widely used text has been thoroughly updated, with significant new material that reflects a rapidly developing field. Treatment of the different languages (OWL2, rules) expands the coverage of RDF and OWL, defining the data model independently of XML and including coverage of N3/Turtle and RDFa. A chapter is devoted to OWL2, the new W3C standard. This edition also features additional coverage of the query language SPARQL, the rule language RIF and the possibility of interaction between rules and ontology languages and applications. The chapter on Semantic Web applications reflects the rapid developments of the past few years. A new chapter offers ideas for term projects"

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