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Search results lose focus when opening/closing instance detail view or returning from quickMARC



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      Overview: When working with instance details from a list of inventory search results, FOLIO loses focus on which record in the search results is being viewed or acted on. If trying to work through a list of records and edit them, it's really hard to keep track of where you are in the list

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. See attached video from MSU's live environment, but it will reproduce in any environment where you can retrieve more that 50 or 100 search results - enough so that at least you have a full page of them
      2. Issue 1: Do an instance search or filter that retrieves 100+ results
      3. Pick one of the results in the middle of the list and view its details
      4. Look at the search results list and find the title that whose details you just opened
      5. Issue 2: Go to Actions/Edit in quickMARC and make some change to the MARC record underlying the Instance
      6. Save the change, which returns you to the Instance details
      7. Find the instance in the results list in the second pane

      Expected Results:

      • For issue 1: when the user opens the instance details, the search result whose details they are viewing should retain focus (which it does) and be visible in the second pane (which it's not)
      • For issue 2: when the user saves the quickMARC change and returns to the instance detail view, the search result whose details they are viewing should retain focus and be visible in the second pane

      Actual Results:

      • For issue 1: the relevant search result retains focus but you have to scroll down the results list in the second pane to find it. I think it's happening because the second pane repaints after the details pane opens, and since the second pane is narrower, long titles cause the records to be further down on the screen
      • For issue 2: the relevant record loses focus, and the second pane search results revert to the top of the search results list. If a user is trying to work through a bunch of records, they have to scroll down and find the instance where they left off, then click the next instance

      Additional Information: See attached video

      Interested parties: Raegan Wiechert KVupp brookstravis christie Natascha Owens

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