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Instance record (detailed view). Add holdings copy number to holdings accordion



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      Purpose: University of Chicago would like for the element Holdings Copy number to be added to the holdings accordion in the top of the instance record.

      Usecase: As a circulation staff, cataloger and technical services staff, I want to be able to quickly
      identify a specific holdings when multiple holdings are listed for a given instance record. This work is to solve the current display (print from UC's environment, Goldenrod), where we currently do not have any possibility to distinct following:


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org, and go to Inventory
        • Search for any instance record with multiple holdings
        • When viewing the holdings listed in the top of the instance record
        • Then holdings copy number - if present in the holdings record - is added to the holdings accordion
        • See UX:
        • Default display of holdings accordion:
        • All accordions collapsed:
      2. Scenario
        • When there is a holdings copy number in the holdings record
        • then the display of copy number is added after the call number with a space between and holdings call number and holdings copy number
        • syntax for the holdings accordion will be:
          • Holdings:[space][Holdings permanent location][space]>[space][holdings call number, prefix][holdings call number][holdings call number, suffix][space][holdings copy number]

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