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Instance record (detailed view). Add copy number to item list



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      Purpose: University of Chicago would like for the element Copy number to be added to the item list in the top of the instance record. This change will also be very useful for Public libraries, where the libraries easily can have up to 100 copies of popular novels; e.g. the Shanghai libraries have in average 10 items (copies) per instance.

      Usecase: As a circulation staff, cataloger and technical services staff, I want to be able to quickly
      identify a specific item when multiple items are listed for a given holdings record.


      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org, and go to Inventory
        • Search for any instance record with multiple holdings and item records
        • When viewing the item detailed list in the top of the instance record
        • Then a new column labeled Copy number is added to the right of Status, and to the left of Material type
        • See UX screen
      2. Scenario
        • The heading: Copy number is sortable
        • When clicking one time
        • then the alphanumeric sorting goes a-z
      3. Scenario
        • When clicking a second time
        • then the alphanumeric sorting goes z-a
      4. Scenario
        • The data in the new column labeled Copy number are coming from the Copy number data element in the item record.
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