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      Overview: Search on OCLC normalized numbers is relevant in general use of metadata management and especially in the work with import OCLC single record import. We are aiming for covering all the typical variations of the OCLC number, e.g. some libraries only use the number, and ocher institutions use the prefix (OCoLC) and other variations. The search is happening across Resource identifier type: OCLC and Resource identifier type: Cancelled OCLC.

      Use cases:

      1. A cataloger working with data import want to be able to search on both Cancelled OCLC and current used OCLC numbers in normalized form, which means that the leading form can be e.g. (OCoLC), (OCoLC)ocm etc.
      2. A cataloger entering the number manually would not enter any of the alpha characters
      3. A cataloger doing copying & pasting would sometimes also copy the alpha characters
      4. Or someone who is not a cataloger might enter the entire string, e.g. (OCoLC)ocm08023962

      Assume the following instance records exist

      Example OCLC number as it is entered in the resource identifier data element
      1 (OCoLC)842877062
      2 (OCoLC)ocm60710867
      3 (OCoLC)ocm08023962
      4 ocm0012345 800630
      5 ocm0012345
      1. Scenario
        • Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to Inventory, Search & filter pane, and select the Instance segment (UIIN-759)
        • When the search options menu is opened
        • Then a new "OCLC number, normalized" option should display
      2. Scenario
        • When searching on OCLC, normalized
        • Then search are conducted across following elements:
          • Resource identifier type: Cancelled OCLC
          • Resource identifier type: OCLC
      3. Scenario
        • When search on OCLC number, normalized
        • Then normalization between lower casing and capitalized letters is happening
      4. Scenario
        • When search on OCLC number, normalized
        • Then normalization by stripping spaces, tabs and hyphen-minuses is happening.
      5. Scenario
        • When search on OCLC number, normalized and a search term is entered
        • Then search strips out the leading alpha characters,
        • and any number of leading zeros to be stripped out as well
      6. Scenario
        • When search on OCLC number, normalized, and a search term is entered
        • Then right truncation by using * can be set by the user
      7. Scenario
        • When a user wants to search on OCLC number, normalized then following search options are possible in normalized form:
      Example OCLC number as it is entered in the resource identifier data element Search Expected result
      1 (OCoLC)842877062 (OCoLC)842877062 yes
      2 (OCoLC)842877062 OCoLC842877062 yes
      3 (OCoLC)842877062 (OCoLC)ocm842877062 yes
      4 (OCoLC)842877062 OCoLCocm842877062 yes
      5 (OCoLC)842877062 ocm842877062 yes
      6 (OCoLC)842877062 0842877062 no
      7 (OCoLC)842877062 842877062 yes
      8 (OCoLC)ocm60710867 (OCoLC)60710867 yes
      9 (OCoLC)ocm60710867 OCoLC60710867 yes
      10 (OCoLC)ocm60710867 (OCoLC)ocm60710867 yes
      11 (OCoLC)ocm60710867 ocm60710867 yes
      12 (OCoLC)ocm60710867 60710867 yes
      13 (OCoLC)ocm08023962 (OCoLC)8023962 yes
      14 (OCoLC)ocm08023962 OCoLC8023962 yes
      15 (OCoLC)ocm08023962 (OCoLC)ocm8023962 yes
      16 (OCoLC)ocm08023962 ocm8023962 yes
      17 (OCoLC)ocm08023962 08023962 yes
      18 (OCoLC)ocm08023962 8023962 yes
      19 ocm0012345 800630 0012345 800630 yes
      20 ocm0012345 800630 012345 800630 yes
      21 ocm0012345 800630 12345 800630 yes
      22 ocm0012345 0012345 yes
      23 ocm0012345 012345 yes
      24 ocm0012345 12345 yes
      1. Scenario
        • Ensure automated testing coverage for this new code is 80% plus and confirm with screenshot

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