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Bugfest: View source button is greyed out and does not ever become clickable - DRAFT



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      Q2 2020


      Keep as DRAFT until we see if SRS v4 resolves this issue

      From EBSCO DevOps convo;

      Production and DEMO site issues Hi all (cc: Anton Emelianov): Stephanie S. Buck and I were troubleshooting some reports about not being able to use quickMARC in Bugfest.

      When I go to a record in Inventory (for example, HRID in1615232), the Source = MARC, so from the Actions menu, I should be able to View the source record and Edit in quickMARC.

      When I go to the Actions menu, View source is greyed out. I don't know why the system won't let me view the source record. And the Edit in quickMARC button is active, but the edit screen never appears - just the flashing dots.

      I wonder if this has to do with the way that the Instances and SRS MARC records were loaded and linked to each other.

      Do you think it's worth someone taking a look now, or should we wait until mod-source v4 is added to the BugFest environment (hopefully later today).

      [10:47 AM] Theodor Tolstoy
      For how long did you wait for the view source button to loose its grayness?

      [10:48 AM] Theodor Tolstoy
      If it is old code in there, I think you could expect to wait for a couple of minutes

      [10:49 AM] Kruthi Vuppala
      Ann-Marie, This has been my observation so far:

      1. View source is greyed out initially , until the call from mod-srs returns, currently in bugfest as the system is loaded, nothing returns . But usually there is some delay in the response .
      2. If quickMARC is dependent on that same MARC record returned from mod-srs(it seems to make a different API call, but seems like it needs record from SRS), then probably it also needs to be greyed out

      [10:51 AM] Theodor Tolstoy
      Perhaps we should keep a look at the DB instance in case it heats up?

      [10:55 AM] Ann-Marie Breaux
      Hi Kruthi - I'll time it. Started looking at the Instance details for in1615232 at 10:55 am

      [10:59 AM] Ann-Marie Breaux
      View source still greyed out at 10:59

      [11:03 AM] Kruthi Vuppala
      I think now is not the right time to time it Ann-Marie, the DB is almost at 100% load. So it's highly unlikely you will get a response back

      [11:04 AM] Ann-Marie Breaux
      OK, I'll give up now - 8 minutes in, and View source is still greyed out!

      [11:04 AM] Ann-Marie Breaux
      I'm about 98% sure if Inventory cannot retrieve the SRS to allow it to be viewed, then it cannot retrieve it for quickMARC editing either. cc: Stephanie S. Buck

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