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SPIKE: JTST Environment. Inventory. Search for Status = Available, Sort by Contributor Gives No Results in Main Pane Despite Result Count of 93,717



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      SPIKE: The first step of investigating this issue is for a front-end dev to do a bit of investigation to see if there is any information they can provide to point us in the right direction. To complete the spike, please provide comments with anything you learned, move the issue to whatever project it belongs in (likely a backend project) and advise on which team should pick this up (Core Functional vs Core Platform). Thank you!

      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into https://jtst.int.aws.folio.org/ which has the Goldenrod version of RMG and MODINVSTOR
      2. Go to Inventory, Item segment and filter by Status = Available
      3. Check the sort in the url
      4. If it doesn't already end with sort=contributors, click on the contributors column
      5. Wait a while for the search to execute

      Expected: The body of the page should not say "No results found. Please check your filters." when the header says 93,717 records found


      Additional information:

      • Same problem occurs when you sort by Publishers column
      • When you sort by the Title column or remove any sort from the URL, you get 93,717 records found in the header AND there are actual results showing below
      • I don't know what the actual count is in the DB
      • In Fameflower, this test would result in "More than 10,000 records found" in the header and results displaying below.

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