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Holdings Record. Accordion Administrative data. Implement new Source data element (detailed view and edit)



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      Overview: In Inventory the libraries can choose whether to maintain holdings records directly in Inventory, or choose to maintain the holdings record in MARC Format for Holdings (MFHD) - https://www.loc.gov/marc/holdings/. If maintaining the holdings record in MARC, then the underlying MFHD record is stored in SRS, and the MFHD records are being maintained in MARCcat (potentially also quickMARC - TBD).

      In the holdings record there will be a new required optional data element Source. This element is auto-populated by the system and not possible to manual edit by the user.
      The values for the holdings source data element are implemented as reference records - see UIIN-1229.


      1. Story
        • Log into FOLIO Snapshot, go to Inventory
        • Go to any holdings record in, drill down to the Administrative accordion
        • When viewing the data elements in Detailed view
        • Then a new required optional data element labelled Source is displayed to the right of the Holdings HRID, as shown in the UX mock up of the detailed view of the holdings record:
      2. Story
        • When creating a new holdings record in Inventory, and the holdings record is maintained in the Inventory
        • Then the value of the source data element is auto-populated by the system with the value FOLIO, as shown in the UX mock up of the edit view of the holdings record:


      Out of scope - for this story, and to be defined in UXPROD-1448 story/stories and other features:

      1. When the source is MARC, then edit of corresponding data elements in the holdings record are blocked for editing in Inventory, and the underlying MARC Holdings record, and will be edited in MARCcat (later also in quickMARC - TBD)
      2. Listing all data elements which is intended to be editable in Inventory when the source is MARC - is also a topic TBD later.
      3. as discussed in MODINVSTOR-542 the short term implementation is to make holdings source an optional element. Maybe at a later point we need to define it as required (that will be a breaking change)

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