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Search: Targeted Search Options - 2nd version



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      Purpose: As a librarian I want the ability to search on all fields in the instance record and the barcode (item record), and do sort and filter of my search results in the Inventory app. So that I can refine my search and maybe narrow down or broaden up my results found in the manner I need.

      1. Specifications:

      In UIIN-56 a subset of Targeted Search Options was implemented. This jira covers the rest of the Search Criteria defined for basic search (1st pane Search & sort) - for the three segments (Instance, Holdings, Item) as defined in UIIN-758:

      The Search options - here some will be in all three segments others will appear in one, or two - see table below:

      Search option Status - Implemented (yes/no) Instance Holdings Item Jira
      Keyword (any field) yes Keyword (title, contributor, identifier, HRID, UUID) is implemented.
      Keyword (all) UIIN-aaa
      Barcode yes -
      Accession number no - UIIN-775 (Holdings), UIIN-776 (Item)
      Contributor yes -
      Title (all) yes -
      • Resource title
      no - - MODINVSTOR-627
      • Alternative title
      no - - MODINVSTOR-627
      • Serie
      no - - MODINVSTOR-627
      Identifier no All identifiers - in instance, holdings, item records,
      including former identifiers, UIIN-fff
      • Instance identifier
      yes - - All identifiers - in instance,
      including former identifiers
      • Holdings identifier
      no - - All identifiers - in holdings, including former identifiers,
      • Item identifier
      no - - All identifiers - in item, including former identifiers,
      • ISBN
      yes Normalized ISBN: UXPROD-1685, UIIN-647
      • ISSN
      yes -
      Call number, eye readable no UXPROD-1655, UIIN-ggg
      Call number, normalized no UIIN-721 (Holdings), UIIN-722 (Item)
      Enumeration, chronology no - UIIN-hhh
      Volume no - UIIN-iii
      Copy number no - UIIN-778 (Holdings), UIIN-779 (Item)
      Subject yes - - -
      Classification no - - UIIN-kkk
      Publisher no - - UIIN-lll
      URL no UIIN-mmm
      Holdings statement (all) no - - UIIN-nnn
      Notes (all) TBD - - - UIIN-ooo
      • Instance notes (all)
      yes - - UIIN-942
      • Holdings notes (all)
      yes - - UIIN-943
      • Item notes (all)
      yes - - UIIN-944
      • Administrative notes
      yes UIIN-2053
      • Circulation notes
      yes - - UIIN-945
      PO line number not MVP UIIN-ttt
      HRID TBD UIIN-uuu
      • Instance HRID
      yes - - UIIN-899
      • Holdings HRID
      yes - - UIIN-900
      • Item HRID
      yes - - UIIN-901
      UUID no Search acros instance, holding, item, UUIN-yyy
      • Instance UUID
      yes - - Re-label Instance ID to Instance UUID,
      • Holdings UUID
      no - - UIIN-911
      • Item UUID
      no - - UIIN-912
      Query language yes UIIN-724 (instance, holdings, item)

      Out of scope is Advanced Search - see more UIIN-1920

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