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Able to delete a material type from Settings --> Inventory --> Items when it is only used on an order



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      Note that this was filed as a bug, but for Inventory purposes is considered part of implementing dependency checks for settings overall. See UXPROD-1889

      Because PO lines currently share the material type list with Inventory, libraries may end up with material types that are only used in Orders. For example, a material type for eBook, when the library orders eBooks, but only creates Instances in Inventory.

      When I set up this scenario, and then try to delete the material type that is actively being used on the order, but not on an item, I was able to delete the material type in Settings. I shouldn't be able to do that - it should stop me, since that value is being used on an existing order record (even though in this scenario, the material type value is optional.)

      When you return to the order after deletion, the material type value that had been previously set is empty.

      Environment - tested on folio-snapshot with diku_admin user.

      1. Go to Settings --> Inventory --> Items.
      2. Create a new Material Type named "Only Use on Orders".
      3. Go to Orders.
      4. Create a new Order.
      5. Change the order from open to pending so that you can add a po-line.
      6. Add a po-line. For the new item, select Electronic format and a material type of "Only Use on Orders."
      7. Save the PO Line.
      8. Return to Settings --> Inventory --> Items.
      9. Click the trash can icon next to "Only Use on Orders" to delete it.

      Expected behavior - error message saying the value cannot be deleted because it is currently in use.
      Actual behavior - the value is deleted.

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