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Bugfest: Inventory. Sorting by Title gives different result counts when *filtering* ("More than 10,000 records found" (approximation is not close enough))



    • Prokopovych


      In the Bugfest environment, while searching inventory for all instances published in English (by using the language filter or by cql query search option), the label of returned rows states "More than 10,000 records found". The search in the database directly returns 1,159,087 records.

      The difference in the record count is important from the Export UUIDs functionality point of view as attempt to export such a big number of the records would cause OOM of mod-inventory-storage as reported in MODINVSTOR-465

      In Q1 we support export of 64k instance UUIDs but hope increase the number in the future releases. With the current approximation of the number of records returned the user will never know if the export of the larger quantities of UUIDs will succeed or not. Even if the correct record count is expensive then the more granular approximation would help to alleviate the problem.

      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into BugFest
      2. Do a hard refresh by clicking ctrl F5 in Windows or Command + Shift + R on a Mac
      3. Go to Inventory
      4. In the Instance segment, filter by language = English
      5. Note the result count is "More than 10,000 records found"
      6. Now remove this from the URL &sort=Title
      7. Inventory will take a while to load again but when it does, it will no longer be sorted by Title and you will see that the new result count is much more accurate (1,165,734)


      • Inventory results should always be sorted by Title by default (covered by UIIN-1046)
      • When results are sorted by title, they should display the more accurate count (in this case, 1,165,734)

      Actual: See repro steps and screencast: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18qLEG5Tic1vvCIgccSq3DRKwUmtWDhvE/view?usp=sharing

      Additional info:

      • We have a slightly different title sorting bug that pertains to inventory searching (as opposed to filtering). See UIIN-1055

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