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Paused due to POC of Elastic Search. BugFest: Inventory. Search for Term and Filter by Status = Available Always Results in 1,000 Results



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      SPIKE: The first step of investigating this issue is for a front-end dev to do a bit of investigation to see if there is any information they can provide to point us in the right direction. To complete the spike, please provide comments with anything you learned, move the issue to whatever project it belongs in (likely a backend project) and advise on which team should pick this up (Core Functional vs Core Platform). Thank you!

      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into BugFest
      2. Go to Inventory and in the Keyword search, search for any of these search terms: English, Jensen, Science, Economics
      3. Note: you need to hit enter or click search to get your initial set of results
      4. Now apply the Status = Available filter

      Expected: The four result counts for

      • "English" and "Status = Available"
      • "Jensen" and "Status = Available"
      • "Science" and "Status = Available"
      • "Economics" and "Status = Available"

      will differ.

      Actual: In all four cases, the result count is 1,000

      Additional information: We saw this same result count in UIIN-1050 "Bugfest: Inventory. Item segment. Filtering on Suppress from discovery: Yes and No Don't Add Up"

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