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Bugfest: Inventory. Inventory: All permissions. Error message when using the Location look-up (Holdings and Item)



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      Overview: When a given user is assigned the user permission: Inventory: All permissions, then the user is intended to be able to do every thing (CRUD) in Inventory. The Bugfest test uncovered that the user with Inventory: All permissions, will get an error message, when trying to use the Location look-up functionality when creating, or editing a holdings record, and item record.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Create a user with "Inventory: All permissions" only (I also tested with "Inventory: View, create, edit, delete holdings" and had the same problem)
      2. Login to FOLIO BugFest, go to Inventory
      3. Go to any given Instance record with associated holdings record
      4. When in edit mode of the holdings record, then drill down to the Location accordion
      5. Click "Location look-up" link under the menu

      Expected Result: Should be able to use the Location lookup popup if you have Inventory All

      Actual Result:

      • Get an error when you try to use the location lookup popup
      • You can still select locations directly from the location menu

      Additional Info:

      • I verified this bug existed in Edelweiss too
      • There is a workaround (to use the menu to select locations instead of the popup)
      • I think this bug applies to more Inventory permissions. For example, I also tested "Inventory: View, create, edit, delete holdings" and had the same problem

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