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Bugfest: Inventory. Holdings segment. Search on HRIDs - poor response time (about 0.5 minute)



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      Overview: Search on a given Holdings HRID in the Holdings segment - you get the correct search result BUT the Bugfest test cases (T15268) fails on that the searches takes way longer than reasonably to expect. And way more than 1 sec, which is set as a reasonably FOLIO expectation (https://wiki.folio.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=25729156).
      This can not be verified in FOLIO Snapshot.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to FOLIO BugFest, go to Inventory
      2. The Holdings segment is selected
      3. In the search option menu drill down to the Holdings HRID search option. Select the Holdings HRID option
        • Search for a holdings HRID: that you know is already in Inventory, e.g. ho1757203

      Expected Result:
      All three searches should bring up the expected result in less than 1 sec.

      Actual Result:
      When jackieg1107 tested then search Holdings HRID ho1757203 (3/25/2020) - the search took 27 seconds to load. It is evident FOLIO doesn't cache previously searched records because it took the same amount of time for the record to load the 2nd time I tried.
      The amount of time it takes to load/find the record seems to vary.
      While it met the expected results, failing it because the load time should be >1 second.

      When charlotte tested the search Holdings HRID ho1757203 (3/26/2020) - my search took 00:35 min

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