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Paused due to POC of Elastic Search. Bugfest: Inventory. Effective Location Result Counts Don't Add Up (Off by Unacceptable Amount) And Seem Suspicious



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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to FOLIO BugFest, go to Inventory
      2. Select the Item segment
      3. Test filtering for "Effective location (item)"
      4. Select multiple locations
      5. Try:
        • UC/HP/ASR/ACASA
        • UC/HP/ASR/ASRHP
      6. Notice the total result count is "5,593,722 records found"
      7. Now filter by each separately and notice the resulting counts:
        • UC/HP/ASR/ACASA - 8,338 records found
        • UC/HP/ASR/ASRHP - 5 records found
        • Manually added together, this is 8,343 records (a very far cry from 5,593,722)
      8. Now try two totally different locations:
        • UC/HP/ASR/Atk
        • UC/HP/ASR/JRLASR
      9. Notice the total results count is exactly the same as the total for the other two locations ("5,593,722 records found"). Even knowing result counts are estimates, this seems really odd.
      10. Now filter by each separately and notice the resulting counts:
        • UC/HP/ASR/Atk - 8,338 records found This is exactly the same result as UC/HP/ASR/ACASA which is unlikely.
        • UC/HP/ASR/JRLASR - 92,998 records found
        • Manually added together, this is 109,682 (also very far from 5,593,722)

      Expected Result:

      • Then the filter box will display the selected locations, and the search result will be the combined search (boolean operator: OR), so that means Location X OR Location Y.
      • Even knowing the result counts are estimates, the combined totals should be MUCH closer than the reported total than they are
      • It is highly suspect that result counts for different location selections are exactly the same. It would be great if we could look into the DB to see how they compare to reality.

      Actual Result:
      See repro steps above

      Additional Info:

      • This may have the same underlying cause as UIIN-1050 Bugfest: Inventory. Item segment. Filtering on Suppress from discovery: Yes and No Don't Add Up
      • The issue can not be reproduced in FOLIO Snapshot, but in uChicago's sandbox environment (Edelweiss) I see the same bug - except here I get 6,369,032 records found.





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