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Bugfest: Inventory. Default title sort lost when moving between segments



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    • Q2 2020


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to FOLIO Snapshot, go to Inventory
      2. Select the Instance/Holdings/Item segment
      3. Search for something or use the filters to get some search results
      4. If it's the first time you've searched since the cache was cleared, the results will likely be sorted by title
      5. Now select a different segment and do the same search/filter

      Expected result:

      • I get my results listed in alphabetic order 0-1, A-Z(Æ,Ø,Å etc.) by Title every time I conduct a new search in Inventory (charlotte, please confirm: YES)
      • This applies to any search, filter or combination of search and filter and should persist as you move between segments, click reset all and change filters (please test many searches, filters, sorts, resets and moves between segments)

      Actual result:

      Additional info:

      1. When you first come into FOLIO after the cache has been cleared (go to environment and click ctrl F5 in Windows or Command + Shift + R on a Mac), your first inventory search result IS sorted by title by default
      2. There is a known issue where result counts differ when results are sorted by title. That is covered in UIIN-1055 and UIIN-1071

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