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CRUD Transfer



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      Purpose: Users need the ability to create a transfer record that will move an amount of value between one or more funds/budgets.

      Acceptance criteria:
      Given a user has navigated to a budget view
      When activating the carrot menu
      Then they can see an option to make a transaction of this type

      Given the user is making a transaction of this type
      When clicking on the desired transaction type
      Then a modal pops up with the appropriate for in it

      Given the user is making a transaction of this type
      When the modal pops up with the form in it
      Then the user can add the following details

      • Amount
      • Fiscal Year
      • Description
      • From
      • To
      • Tags

      Note: Allow transfer to and from will either have the ability to be blank or there will be a budget id that represents external budgets. The purpose of this is to control what budgets can get money from or move money outside of the system.
      Also will be dependent on error codes being generated by the back end when a budget does not have enough money available to complete the transfer.

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