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Adding tenant's timezone in UI



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    • The dates are stored in UTC in the database and the issue is that they are also being displayed in UTC. Depending on your timezone this may mean that the day is actually ahead or behind your current time and expectation.
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      Fiscal year dates are stored without timezone information which may complicate how dates are interpreted in different timezones. The start date should be associated with 12am of the system time zone and the end date with 11:59pm of that day in the local timezone. Without storing a time this may not be possible to do. In system with location in different areas of the world this may become a problem

      Please, add the possibility to display info using tenant's timezone

      Expected Results: the dates (e.g. Period begin date) are set AND displayed based on the tenant time zone (e.g. with UTC+13 for tenants in New Zealand). Because times are explicit the timezone should be displayed with the date value in the view pane.

      Also need to display start and end time in view pane so logic is clear to user.

      Actual Results: the dates (e.g. Period begin date) are NOT displayed correctly (e.g. with UTC+13 for tenants in New Zealand)

      Approach: display start and end dates as date-time value in UTC format to improve user experience in Orchid

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