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Ledger view: Fiscal year



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      Overview: Current fiscal year logic is confusing as it sometimes displays more than one year if FY dates are overlapping. When looking at a ledger we should always see it's information in the context of ONE fiscal year.

      Allow user to specify (Select) that fiscal year from the "Fiscal year series" it is associated with
      By default the system should select the active fiscal year from the fiscal year series that the ledger has been assigned to for which the current day is greater than the start date and less than the end date
      The fiscal year series should have a linear progression of fiscal years even if some of the dates overlap

      • If the current date is less than the start date of the next year and greater than the end date of the past year, and thus no fiscal year is returned, than the next year in the series is selected. (The year with the closest start date that is greater than the current date and is the next year in the series sequence. This is based on the 4 digit numeric in the fiscal year code)
      • If more than one is fiscal year is returned than the one with the higher number in the series is selected. This is based on the 4 digit numeric in the fiscal year code.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • Given the user has selected a ledger
      • When viewing the ledger
      • Then user can see only one fiscal year and that is the current fiscal year for the ledger and its series

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