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ERM Usage app | apply baseline keyboard shortcuts



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      Each FOLIO app should support these baseline shortcut keys (when applicable).

      Baseline shortcut keys list

      Action OS shortcut Windows shortcut
      Create a record Option + n alt + n
      Edit a record cmd + Option + e ctrl + alt + e
      Save a record cmd + s ctrl + s
      Expand or collapse an accordion spacebar spacebar
      Expand all accordions cmd + Option + b ctrl + alt + b
      Collapse all accordions cmd + Option + g ctrl + alt + g
      Go to Search & Filter pane cmd + Option + h ctrl + alt + h
      Close a modal or pop-up esc esc
      Copy cmd + c ctrl + c
      Cut cmd + x ctrl + x
      Paste cmd + v ctrl + v
      Find cmd + f ctrl + f

      Each app must implement

      1. Above shortcut keys. Review documentation (https://github.com/folio-org/stripes-components/tree/master/lib/Commander)
      2. Display of keyboard shortcut list will be handled in a separate user story.
      3. Expand all accordions keyboard shortcut should be applied to a record AND all views (Create/Edit/View)
      4. Collapse all accordions keyboard shortcut should be applied to a record AND all views (Create/Edit/View)

      Acceptance criteria

      • Test all record types you can a.) create, b.) edit, c.) duplicate, and save record for an app
      • You can only use the shortcut key when you are on the screen where the action takes place.

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