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SPIKE: Automated Accessibility Compliance Testing Tool with CI : Deque aXe



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      Evaluating frontend development with an accessibility compliance testing tool is now a part of the definition of done for all teams. Rather than manually run an accessibility compliance tool, we want to automate running of this tool in the development process. This POC will integrate an automated accessibility compliance testing tool with the eholdings app AND POC findings will be a guide for other apps/modules.

      POC Evaluation

      • Evaluate open-source automated web accessibility compliance testing tools: Deque aXe
      • Verify tool checks against current WCAG 2.1 A and AA standards
      • Verify tool is easy to use and integrate in the development process
        • Ensure you have an understanding for how the tool will run. Must you specify page, action, feature, subset of repo, repo, path, what?
        • Ensure a sound understanding of how manual it is to set up and manage
        • Verify if tool supports testing color contrast with rgb(a)
        • Verify if tool is flexible enough to modify rules and/or bypass some violations that we do not consider an accessibility violation
        • Verify if tool considers screen resolutions
      • Assume that before a PR is merged that this tool is run

      POC Deliverables

      • Provide a report of implementation findings
      • Present recommended tool and findings to Spitfire team and ui-testing team... and maybe stripes-architecture as it will be the guide for other teams.

      Timebox: 5 days

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