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New/Edit Assign users page: Allow a user to assign a user(s) to an EBSCO KB



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      As a FOLIO System Admin that manages multiple EBSCO KBs in one tenant
      I must assign a user to one EBSCO KB credentials
      So that the user gets to access to the eholdings s/he manage

      General Requirements

      • If a library has only one EBSCO KB credentials configured then it is not required for them to assign users.
      • This requirement only applies to a tenant that has configured multiple EBSCO KB credentials
      • The user can only be assigned to one set of EBSCO KB credentials.
      • If multiple EBSCO KBs have been configured and a user has not been assigned to a set of EBSCO KB credentials then s/he will not get access to the eHoldings app regardless of assigned eholdings permissions

      UI requirements

      • Create a new page: Assigned users
      • Default page: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16Z4_2cQDSZoYyDCAPw6GnE9g1Tgi1ZCS/view?usp=sharing
      • Click Assign users should open the Find Users plug-in
      • Display assigned users
      • Display order of the Assigned users list should be Alphabetical (A-Z) order by Last name
      • Unassign a user from knowledge base confirmation modal
      • If a user is added to a second set of EBSCO KB credentials then display a modal error message that indicates the Users that already have been assigned to credentials.

      Acceptance Criteria

      Given I click on Assign users button
      When I select a user
      Then display the user on the list of assigned users

      Given I have assigned a user to Knowledge base - Smith
      When I remove a user(s)
      Then display the Unassign a user from a knowledge base confirmation modal message

      Given I have assigned a user to a set of EBSCO KB credentials
      When s/he has already been assigned to a set of EBSCO KB credentials
      Then display the Already have been assigned to another knowledge base modal message

      Given I have assigned a user OR unassigned a user
      When the backend endpoint is not returning a response
      Then display an toast notification error message Unable to complete this operation. Please try again

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