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Holding status: package edit form: Ability to add/remove the entire package



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      As an electronic resource librarian
      I want to be able to select and unselect a package to/from my holdings as I view a package detail record
      So I can easily manage my library's holdings

      Guiding philosophy

      • Removing from holdings is a destructive action that shouldn’t be as prominent as adding to holdings.
      • Package actions shouldn’t take place on package-title (resource) records.

      There will be two primary areas where actions take place:

      1. The "Holding status" form section just below the title of a detail record will indicate the current selection status AND if not selected then ability to Add package to holdings
      2. The pane header dropdown at the top of a detail record allows you to remove the entire package AND add the entire package.

      Styling Requirements

      • "Add to holdings" should be primary button type (solid blue background).

      When Holding Status is selected then keep the holding status section AND show the form

      When Holding Status is not selected then display [Add the package to holdings to customize package settings.] AND no form

      Remove from holdings behavior

      If the user selects Remove from holdings from the dropdown then display the Remove from holdings modal that currently pops up when the user unselects a managed package Then return to the show package detail record

      Delete package behavior

      If the user selects Delete package from the dropdown then display Delete package modal when the user deletes a custom package AND no change to current behavior when the user elects to cancel or proceed with removing package from holdings

      Package (Managed) Detail Record (show/edit)

      State Display on Holding Status Section Pane header dropdown options Screenshots
      Not Selected Not Selected and Add to holdings button Add to holdings
      Selected entire package Selected AND No button Remove from holdings

      Package (Custom) Detail Record (show/edit)

      State Display on Holding Status Section Pane header dropdown options Screenshots
      Selected entire package Selected Delete package

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