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Package Detail: Search/filter within related item lists (backend work)



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      As a librarian viewing a provider, package, or title record, I want to be able to filter the list of related items, so I can find a particular package or package-title.

      When clicking the search icon next to the "Packages" or "Titles" headline, I should get a modal that contains the full search options normally found in the leftmost pane (minus the segmented control for Providers/Packages/Titles).

      When the search modal is open:

      • When entering a search string and submitting, the modal disappears and the list shrinks to only contain matching items.
      • When solely clicking a filter, the modal stays open. It does not close until a submit event or the modal is dismissed. However, it does async fire off changes to the list behind the modal.

      Prototype: details view component changes to pop open modal:

      Not shown in attached GIF: modal should have a close icon to dismiss it.

      Backend work

      • add filters and targeted search options

      Other requirements:

      • Must display message when no results are returned (need to determine where this information should display)
      • Must display error messaging (need to determine where this information should display)
      • Display Sort option
        • Results should return in relevance order
      • Results count should appear next to headline ("Titles" or "Packages") above list
      • Search params should be in the url state
      • Use the `stripes-components` `Modal` component (might need some responsiveness modifications)
      • Focus should be set to the first result when the user closes the modal
      • Modal should be accessible (confirm w/ JohnC. accessibility)

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