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eholdings app menu: Add menu item: Keyboard shortcuts and display a list of keyboard shortcuts in a modal



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      As a librarian
      I want to view a list of shortcut keys I can use for an app.

      Add Keyboard shortcuts to the eholdings app dropdown (see mockup)

      • Option should be the second option below eholdings app search option

      What displays on the keyboard shortcut modal.

      • NOTE: Will only show the shortcut keys that are compatible with your Operating System
      • Actions: Close a modal/pop-up, Copy, Cut, Paste, and Find do not require any additional development as these are standard browser shortcut keys for these actions.
        Action OS shortcut Windows shortcut
        Create a new custom package or title record Option + n alt + n
        Edit a record cmd + Option + e ctrl + alt + e
        Save a record cmd + s ctrl + s
        Expand or collapse an accordion spacebar spacebar
        Expand all accordions cmd + Option + b ctrl + alt + b
        Collapse all accordions cmd + Option + g ctrl + alt + g
        Go to Search & Filter pane cmd + Option + h ctrl + alt + h
        Close a modal or pop-up esc esc
        Copy cmd + c ctrl + c
        Cut cmd + x ctrl + x
        Paste cmd + v ctrl + v
        Find cmd + f ctrl + f
        View keyboard shortcuts list cmd + option + k ctrl + alt + k

      View keyboard shortcuts list action

      • View keyboard shortcuts is additional key to support.
      • If user enters cmd + option + k (MAC) or ctrl + alt + k (Windows) shortcut key then the Keyboard shortcuts list modal displays
        AND focus should shift to the modal

      Modal Will look similar to what displays when user goes to the User app

      Use keyboard shortcuts modal stripes component- https://github.com/folio-org/stripes-components/tree/master/lib/KeyboardShortcutsModal

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