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Provider Record: List of Packages Results | Apply Next/Previous Component



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      The Packages accordion on the Provider record is very difficult to scroll. Each release, the Spitfire team addresses a bug related to its poor usability whether it is a short list or a long list. The work outlined in this user story will address a Packages accordion that has more than 100 packages. The goal of this story is a more pleasant user experience scrolling list of packages.

      List of packages accordion requirements

      • Apply the next / previous pagination as shown on the screenshot on this PR - https://github.com/folio-org/stripes-components/pull/1554
      • This pagination will always display
      • Previous is not enabled when user is on the first page of result
      • Show between previous and next button display <<first record number displayed>> - <<last record number displayed>>
      • Hit Next will display next set of results up to 100
      • Next is not enabled when no additional results are available to display

      Mockup - This is how next / previous pagination displays on Inventory app. The behavior should be no different.


      • We need to validate that this implementation works
        • with default display of list (NO search criteria applied)
        • search within (Search criteria applied)
        • With less than 100 results
        • With more than 100 results
        • With more than 1000 results

      Providers with more than 100 packages

      • EBSCO
      • Taylor and Francis

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