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      Once the Job profiles option in the second pane is selected, the third pane will contain the icon with Job profiles title and "New" action button that will in the future allow the user to create a new job profile. Adding the profile is outside the scope for this user story

      The search component functionality is outside the scope of this user story

      If at least one job profile exists, the table listing the profile should be displayed. The list should contain the name, update date and updated by. Note: TCI/IP column is not a part of Q2 functionality

      If there are no job profiles the list should be not visible to the user.

      Acceptance criteria:

      1. The third pane contains the icon and Job profiles title (the icon is the same as in Data Import)
      2. Under the title label there is an existing profiles count
      3. Next to the title there is a New button (doesn't need to open a new form for this user story)
      4. On the top of the pane there is a search component. (not required for Q2)
      5. If there is at least one job profile and the table is displayed, the table contains following columns:
      • Name (of the job profile)
      • Updated - the date when the format was updated (or created)
      • Updated by - First name, last name of the user who (created or updated last the profile)

      *Note: integration with the back-end is covered by UIDEXP-81

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